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Closet (Holistic Organizational) Design:

Inventory, edit, design, build-out and install are the steps to achieving a functional and organized space. An initial consultation determines your budget and aesthetic preferences, after which we follow-up with an estimate. Our creative team develops a concept and our in-house designers draft plans. We have our own cabinet shop to build out whatever closet, cabinets or furniture we dream up for you, but we can also produce your decorator or architect’s own vision.

Design: $150-$250 per hour for custom design (using standardized components and Clos-ette innovations), plus a 10-20% architectural administration fee for fabrication of the cabinetry. We work both on AutoCAD and by hand. Cost of Cabinetry and construction estimated but not confirmed till final design is completed and signed off by client. Clos-ette builds out under its preferred network unless client chooses to use their own vendors in which case Clos-ette can't guarantee quality or design.

Finishing touches by Clos-ette:

Normally, we work in collaboration with architects and designers, however, if there isn't one on board we can provide decorating services including spatial planning, sourcing and specifying custom safes, drawer insert programs, hardware schedules, custom furniture, fabric, wall finishes and countertops for the rooms we design. Our design team has years of interior design experience and relationships with high-end vendors. Let us help you build out your dressing area, bathroom or kitchen. What do you or your team need our help with to complete your space?

Design Services Hourly Fees: $200-250 an hour
Mark-up on Purchases: 30% Commission

Boutiques, Retail and Showroom Spaces:

We'd like to help you organize your Point-of-sale, develop a gorgeous boutique atmosphere or create a streamlined layout for a showroom. Let us show you how the Clos-ette philosophy translates commercially to help your company develop, showcase and sell a better product and help your brand reach its highest potential. Each contract is negotiated individually based on  job scope, time and materials.

Closet Editing/Inventory/Organization:

Clos-ette helps you cull your current wardrobe, take stock of what you have or help you develop a better style that fits your lifestyle, work schedule and social engagements. An initial consultation allows us to assess the scope of the project and what your particular needs are, the "edit" precedes everything and is the first step before discussing further organizing and purchases! We can also layout all of your inventory into your clos-ette designed space with a professional team of organizers which can also train your staff. This is luxury living at its best, and a time-efficient way to maintain a very seasonal wardrobe, stay green and keep with the notion of "a well-edited closet is a fashionista's best kept secret!"

Initial One Hour Consultation: $250 with a Senior Stylist $500 with Melanie (out of NYC rates vary).

Full Day of Wardrobe Editing/Styling/Organizing/Shopping: Full Day starts at $5000 with Melanie and $3000 with a Senior Stylist- Half day rates also available.

***Travel is not limited to any city, state, or country. Travel expenses are paid for by the client (hotel, airfare, rental car (if needed), etc.). When flying to see a client, there is a minimum daily travel stipend of per diem regardless of the hours spent. The full day rate constitutes a six hour day. Additional daily hours can be requested by the client. Traveling time outside of New York City by car also requires a travel stipend.


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